Starting from a 3D design model can give you many advantages by knowing precise dimensions and spacing – and often helps avoid extra cost during the R&D phase of the build. I know I was able to narrow down what I wanted to end up with, before I was ever ready to touch any material or cut anything. Still it can only take you so far. This was a good first step for me.

We’re always developing new ideas first in the 3D environment, where we can fit things and see how they work, prior to building anything. This saves time, energy, and most of all cost. That means we can provide a superior product for you, at less cost.


A few new feature ideas for the FREEDOM or Whisper 2.0 may include:

1. A new internal support for roof racks that can hold up to 800 lbs. That is enough to easily add a fold out tent for adding living space. Every aspect of the design is scrutinized by an engineer, and built by our certified welder.

2. Additional cabinet options, living spaces and galley features including a 10 or 20 gallon h20 tank that can be mounted underneath, freeing up valuable cabinet storage in the galley.

3. Enhanced Door systems with full size screen doors, that allow all the air you need, and none of the bugs you don’t. We know you’re not interested in Mosquito bites in the night!


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