Dreaming of Tear Drop Trailers …


In mid 2014 the dream of the DIY Tear Drop Trailer began to take shape and move from plans to the pavement. It’s always been a passion for our company to produce the most ‘vintage feeling’ yet modern tear drop with the character of hand built excellence.

The most basic goal of our company is to build a trailer that will enable to you to enjoy the outdoors with the convenience of the comforts of home. It’s our belief that that is what a carefully designed and constructed tear drop trailer can provide. We’re in business of supplying freedom, independence, unforgettable memories and joy from your travels in the great outdoors.

We can now move into the next chapter of our company with the unique prototype of the ‘Whisper’ behind us and having the experience and hands on testing and research that the project taught us.

That, along with the next generation of options becoming available to the expert trailer builder, it now makes sense to expand our offering to new levels. We have formed significant partnerships with excellent vendors and craftsman to help bring our designs to life. 

If you are looking for an excellent quality build and that genuine feel of hand build quality… look no further.