2021 Whisper 2.0

 It’s the traditional shaped model, and has everything you need to go ‘Glamping!’

Starting at $9,500

Nicely Equipped up to $16,500

The Whisper 2.0 has more traditional shapes, and perfect for ‘Glamping’ in high style:

  • Standard Full size 4-5″ deep memory foam mattress (54″x 74″) Room enough for a 6′ 2″ person to stretch out comfortably
  • LED lighting standard throughout
  • Kitchen galley equipped with sink and 10 / 20 gallon storage water tank
  • Choice of two styles of cabinets for interior and galley
  • Plenty of space in the galley area for items including cooler, propane cooking appliances & utensils (limited customizing available for cabinet layouts)
  • 2 cabinet designs can accommodate medium or large style cooler
  • Choice of interior / external finish options
  • A/C units can be integrated for hotter climates 


 The Over-land Style model,
for those who
do a little bit more off road!

Starting at $12,500

Nicely Equipped up to $18,500

The FREEDOM is distinctively styled and more aggressive looks and capabilities for Over-landers:

  • Larger Wheels, choice of All Terrain Style Tread
  • Optional etched logos for external aluminum skins
  • More off-road capable features
  • Additional options such as heated water / showers
  • Built in / mount points for storage or racks
  • A/C units can be integrated for hotter climates
  • + MUCH MORE… just ask for custom options. 


The overall dimensions shown below can vary with your exact build. Custom dimensions are available. Just ask. We can usually accommodate your needs.

Height dimensions for the standard fan mounted on most trailer builds are just over 73″ and 80″ wide. (this would fit easily in just about any modern garage entrance) Adding an A/C unit to the top can add as much as 15″ or more, but not less than 10″ in most cases.

This is good information to know if you’re planning to keep it in a non-standard garage. The modern garage of 8′ x 12′ (96″ high, 144″ wide) openings are standard. Some older garages can be only 7′ high, and just over 8′ wide.

So… We went ‘Glamping’ this Summer…

The best part about our trip was the memories we created at Ghost Mountain Ranch!

We had a great time at Ghost Mountain Ranch!  We highly recommend visiting there
with your RV, or your new Tear Drop!

BUILD TO ORDER – Let’s Get Cooking…

So how does ordering work?

Since we build each teardrop trailer to order, we work with you to design the best build to match your needs. The first step is choosing the options you’d like and submitting an inquiry on the bottom of this page. 

No commitment is required, just a way for us to know what’s important to you when we get in touch.

Next we would dial in all options to your needs, then we would take a deposit and get your new trailer into the build queue.



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