What is your ordering process like?

This is the fun part! Since we build each teardrop trailer to order, we work with you to design the best build to match your needs. The first step is choosing the options you’d like and submitting an inquiry on the ORDER NOW page. No commitment required, just a way for us to know what’s important to you when we get in touch. Next we would dial in all options to your needs, then we would take a deposit and get your new trailer into the build queue.

How long will it take for you to build my trailer?

Production for the Whisper 2.0 is limited to one (1) a month at current pace. Our lead time for trailers is approximately one month. For a more detailed estimate please contact us for the up-to-date lead time.

What kind of deposit is necessary to secure my spot in the build queue?

We take a 25% deposit for your trailer to enter the build queue, another 25% just before your build starts, and the remaining 50% will be due on delivery.

Do you guarantee delivery date upon deposit?

We do our best to adhere to the timeframe quoted at deposit, but due to the complex nature of our builds and dependency on multiple other vendors to hit their deadlines, slight delays are possible. What we can promise is that we will communicate with you throughout the entire process and as your delivery date nears.

Do trailers come with a manufacturer’s warranty?

We offer a 12-month warranty on all of our trailers to cover craftsmanship and defects. We’re happy to discuss details of this in more detail one-on-one.

Do you have inventory for sale immediately?

Due to the custom nature of our teardrop trailers, we make each trailer specific to our clients needs and do not carry inventory.

Do you sell pre-owned trailers?

At this time we do not have pre-owned trailers available. Join our newsletter and you’ll be the first to let you know if any become available.

Will I be able to tow the Whisper with my vehicle?

Our teardrop trailers are made to be compatible with as many vehicles as possible without sacrificing the quality or ability of the trailer. Our Whisper has a dry-weight of about 1,300 lbs. Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer to determine its tow rating.

I’ve never towed anything, what should I expect?

Second Wind teardrop trailers are lightweight and thoughtfully designed to tow extremely well. That said, there are a few things you should expect. 1. Sharp corners will need to be taken a little wider. 2. Backing up takes some practice and may initially cause for some stressful situations. It’s best to always have a spotter. Don’t rush your maneuvering even if it means making someone wait. Also, be sure to look for an exit before pulling into a parking lot so that you can avoid needing to back up when possible. 3. Give yourself more time to brake. The added weight of a teardrop trailer will make your braking a little slower. 4. Obey posted speed limits and be predictable on the road. This will help others negotiate around you.

Are Second Wind teardrop trailers all weather compatible?

Yes! We fully insulate all of our teardrop trailers not only to keep you warm in the winter, but also to help keep you cool in the summer heat. We do have heater and available for extra comfort.

What kind of frame is a Second Wind Trailer built on?

Each teardrop trailer frame is constructed with heavy-duty 2×2 welded steel and is issued a VIN and Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. This should be given to your home state’s DMV for title issuing and registration.

What kind of electrical options are there?

Each teardrop trailer comes standard with a 12V system that will run your lights, USB chargers, fan, and water pump (if you’ve selected this add-on). This system comes with deep-cycle RV batteries and can have solar power added to the package for off-the-grid charging options. In addition, we can also add 110V (house) power with inverters of varying amp ratings based on your needs.

What’s the best way to get in contact with you?

Email works best for us! Reach out to info@secondwindtrailers.com or contact us by phone.